Negotiating Tricks with Beth Nordaune

This week, Justin filmed on location at a real estate conference in Boulder, Colorado. Joining him is Beth Nordaune, a friend in business who heads up Enclave Real Estate in Rochester and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Negotiating is an important part of real estate, as well as many other areas of life. Beth shares her takeaways from the book “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss and how they’ve impacted her team’s approach to negotiation. Among the highlights are:

1) Get the “that’s right” - This simple phrase is a strong indicator that you’ve built rapport and that the person you’re talking to is in agreement with what you’re saying.

2) Get permission - Ask a question that gives them the opportunity to say no. If they don’t, you have the green light to proceed with your conversation.

3) Start with a cold read - Instead of starting with the typical “how are you”, start your conversation with something more personal, like, “I love your shirt! That’s such an interesting pattern.” That easy connection can get the other person to start letting their guard down.

Ever been curious about whether people still buy houses in Minnesota in the winter? If so, you’ll want to make sure to listen until the end.

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