Building a Custom Home

It was a fun week on The Landis Look with Justin’s favorite client joining him as a guest—his wife Amaris! They recalled their experience building a custom home and chatted about the most important takeaways from the process:

Finding the right place to build a house can require some insider knowledge.
Many of best lots in Atlanta are sold by word-of-mouth before they ever hit the market. If you think you might be at all interested in building a home, you’ll want a well-connected agent in your corner.

Find the right team to guide you through the process.
Once you find the right location, there are tons of decisions to make. First, you’ll want an architect and builder familiar with the area and any neighborhood regulations you might need to consider. You’ll also want to find a designer you trust—not just to help you pick the right finishes, but also to guide you through the myriad of little details, like which way doors should swing and where to put the light switches.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time researching.
Your team of experts can do a lot for you, but first you have to have an idea of what you want. That means you’ll need to spend a significant amount of time up front looking at other new construction houses, perusing websites like Houzz, and building Pinterest boards.

What are the benefits?
The obvious benefit of building a custom house is that you get to choose everything from the floorplan to cabinet hardware, so the end result is exactly what you want in a home. Gone are the days of wishing that your kitchen was a little more open or that your bathroom mirror was hung just a little higher.

Another benefit is that building your own home gives you instant equity, because by working directly with the builder, you cut out the margins often built into homes prices for resale.

Interested in building your own custom dream home?
Contact us at or 404-590-6014 to learn more about how to get started.

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