Pay for College with Two Phone Calls

If you have kids, you know that they bring a ton of joy to your life, but they're also expensive! Hopefully one day they'll go off to college, and that's expensive, too! Have you come up with your plan to pay for college? Here's an idea to get you started.

What if you bought a house or a condo this year and financed it with a 15 year mortgage?  If your child is 3 or under, when they turn 18, guess how much you will owe on the home?  That’s right–easy math: ZERO.  

And if you have tenants in the property for the next 15 years, there’s also a chance that you will personally have paid ZERO dollars to pay down that loan.

If you want to get started on this plan today, you just need to make two calls:

1) Call us! We can help you talk through the right strategy so you can find the perfect property to set up a great financial future. You can reach us at 404-590-6014.

2) Call your lender. A lender can help you figure out what you can afford and put together your best financial plan for real estate investment. Our preferred lender is Mark Daker, and you can reach him at or 770-649-4949.

Listen to Justin and Jarrod’s full chat, and contact us at or 404-590-6014 to get started on your plan to pay for college with one real estate purchase. 

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