Have Someone Else Pay for Your Vacation Home

A few years ago, Beau sat down with about a dozen people in their sixties and asked them two questions:

1) What are you glad that you did?
2) What do you wish you had done?

One common theme started to emerge: many of them were grateful that their family had a place to make memories outside of their home. With that knowledge in hand, Beau decided to find a vacation home for his family. The tricky part was that they couldn’t afford a second mortgage, so it had to be something they could rent.

He got in touch with a REALTOR, determined what criteria were necessary to achieve their goals, and soon bought a cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Fast forward to today, and Beau is vacationing in the mountains 10-12 times a year AND making a 14% return on his investment!

Curious how you could own a relaxing getaway that provides extra income? Listen to Beau’s chat with Justin for the full story, and contact us today to find out how we can help.

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