What does it take to flip a house?


We can't tell you how many questions we get about flipping! This week on The Landis Look, Justin reveals the questions you should ask yourself to decide if flipping a house is the right path for you.

  1. What are your goals?

    Are you trying to make a certain amount of money? Are you just trying to supplement your current income, or do you want to be able to replace it? Your end goal for flipping a house makes a huge difference in what you should be looking for.

  2. How do you plan to pay for it?

    Are you planning to pay cash, or are you going to finance it? Do you have enough cash to finance through a bank, or will you be using a hard money loan? You’ll want to sort through all the options and decide on the right financial plan for your investment.

  3. Do you have any relevant experience or skills?

    Is there any part of the process that you can do yourself? For example, do you have design skills or a connection at a flooring company? Those skills or connections can add up to significant savings that can help you reach your financial goals.

If you’ve thought about flipping, we can help you figure out the answers to these questions and develop the best plan to find a property that will achieve your goals. Contact us at 404-590-6014 or hello@justinlandisgroup.com to start the conversation today!

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