At The Justin Landis Group, we believe that everyone deserves a dream home. We’ve helped over a thousand clients over the years, and each has come to us with a unique dream. We’ve helped empty nesters looking to downsize and young families looking for more space as they grow. Some people hope for a great yard, while others search for a high rise condo in the heart of the city. 

For some of our city’s most vulnerable, the dream is a little different. Over 7,000 of our Atlanta neighbors wake up each morning simply hoping to find a safe and secure place to call home. We believe they deserve their dream just as much as anyone else, which is why we are proud to partner with the Atlanta Mission in their fight to end homelessness

As part of our partnership, we’ve crafted a bold initiative called 90 in 90. Over the next three months, our team will be working toward a goal of helping 150 families find their dream home while raising $90,000 to help the Atlanta Mission transform the lives of people experiencing homelessness. When we completed this campaign in 2018, we raised $90,000, and the Atlanta Mission was able to use that pledge as a match campaign that brought in an additional $180,000!

In order to reach this year’s goal:

·        The Justin Landis Group will donate a percentage of each transaction closed between March and May.

·        The agents on our team will make donations from their own commission for everything they close over the next three months.

·        We’ve teamed up with a number of vendor partners—lenders, attorneys, home inspectors, and more—who plan to give along with us.

We’ll also rely on individual contributions and the support of our friends and family!

Here’s how you can help:

·        Who do you know who may be moving in the next three months? Every new connection we make helps us toward our goal, so spread the word!

·        Donate at the link below!